Sharing your experience will inspire others

As a member of the alumni community, you have the power to inspire SJSU students with your knowledge and experience!  Volunteering your time and talent helps strengthen the Spartan network and makes a lasting impression. Whether you give one hour of your time providing career guidance or serve as a mentor or panelist at a workshop, you can help students become strong leaders and professionals. 

Let us know your volunteer interests by completing our Alumni Volunteer Interest Form, and we'll be in touch to see how you can participate in upcoming events like the Spartan Success Series, hosted by the Student Alumni Connection.

What type of opportunities interest you?

In person:

  • Serve as a workshop presenter or panel member
  • Network with students at an on-campus workshop
  • Provide industry-specific advice and guidance
  • Provide general career consultations
  • Provide advice for graduate school planning
  • Hosting a student tour/visit at your company


  • Virtually network with students at an online event
  • Review resumes and LinkedIn profiles to offer feedback
  • Share job and internship openings to recruit SJSU talent

Complete the volunteer interest form


SJSU² Mentoring & Meetups - Online mentoring platform

All SJSU alumni are invited to the new online mentoring platform, SJSU² Mentoring & Meetups

Choose your level of involvement in both format and time commitment. The online platform has video chat and conference call features to help you and your mentee connect. The average meeting time is 15-30 minutes but can vary depending on the action items set by you and your mentee. As a mentor you control the type and frequency of your connections. 

You can join one or both of the following options:

Professional Mentoring Program

Connects alumni and with SJSU students to support the student’s career and professional development. Mentors and mentees are expected to complete at least 3 meetings (minimum 30 minutes each) throughout the course of a semester. The program is available during Fall (October - early December) and Spring (March - May) semesters, however joining the program is a commitment for one semester only, with the option to apply for future semesters. Mentor registration opens each August for the Fall program and in January for the Spring program.

Quick Connections

Student to Alumni

One-time, 15 - 30 minute career conversations (informational interviews) with a current student. This feature is available all year (including summer) and students are allowed to reach out to a maximum of 5 different mentors per month to schedule an informational interview. The frequency of connections will vary depending on student demand. Note: Alumni don't have access to search or view student profiles.

Alumni to Alumni

As of August 1, 2020 alumni can now connect with other alumni on the platform. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to build professional connections with fellow Spartans. SJSU graduates from across the country want to help you in your journey to career success. Utilize this feature on the platform to grow your network and explore new career pathways.