Recruit & Hire Spartans

In partnership with the SJSU Career Center, we can help connect you with the SJSU talent you need!  SJSU's positioning in the Silicon Valley, diverse student body, and varied degree programs make us an essential resource for meeting your talent acquisition goals.  Explore our recruiting guide to get started.

Connect with the SJSU Career Center

We lead campus efforts to generate and promote student career opportunities through networks of employers, faculty, alumni, and student professional organizations.  Our career fairs, employer events, and other employer services consistently earn excellent reviews from employers and students.

Register in SJSU Handshake to become a part of our career opportunity network, start recruiting, stay in the loop on employer resources and events, and build your recruiting success.

Develop a Recruiting Plan

Consult with an employer engagement specialist to plan effective and efficient recruiting strategies.

More Resources


Are you looking for more ways to be involved with students and alumni? There are opportunities to participate in workshops, panel discussions and more. In addition the SJSU² Mentoring & Meetups platform is a quick and easy way to share your knowledge and expand your network.