Change of Major

The SE program is heavily impacted and very competitive at admission time so the department holds similar admission standards to evaluate transfer requests. Therefore, the department has established change of major policy.

The key aspects of this policy are:

  • Students must meet the GPA threshold using the SE Transfer Admissions requirement formula:

    (GPA) × 150 + (CRS #1) × 150+ (CRS #2) × 150+ (CRS #3) × 150 + (CRS #4) × 150

    GPA is “All College” GPA as recorded in the transcript.

    CRS: MATH 30, MATH 31, PHYS 50, CS/SE 46A

    GPA threshold for SE in Fall 2017: 3.0 (4 CRSs), 4.0 (3 CRSs)

  • Students must also meet the GPA threshold in major STEM classes. Students who meet both requirements will be ranked using the following formula:

    (GPA) × 0.2 + (GPA_STEM) × 0.8

    GPA_STEM: STEM GPA (major GPA) for all STEM classes required in the SE major.

Please contact the Department UG Coordinator for any questions.