Technical Electives

Department Approved Technical Electives

Course No. Course Title

CMPE 137

Wireless Mobile Software Engineering

CMPE 139

Fundamentals of Data Mining

CMPE 149

Computer Networks II

CMPE 152

Compiler Design

CMPE 181

Internet of Things Platforms

CMPE 182

Internet of Things Security

CMPE 183

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains

CMPE 185

Autonomous Mobile Robots

CMPE 188 

Machine Learning for Big Data

CMPE 189 

Special Topics in Computer Engineering

CS 116A

Introduction to Computer Graphics

CS 123A

Bioinformatics 1

CS 134

Computer Game Design and Programming

CS 152

Programming Languages

CS 155

Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CS 156

Introduction to Artifical Intelligence

CS 157B

Database Management Systems II

CS 158B

Computer Network Management

CS 159

Introduction to Parallel Processing

CS 174

Serverside Web Programming