Our Mission

In the College of Professional and Global Education at San José State University, we provide access to relevant educational programs that allow individuals to gain knowledge and skills that create a solid foundation for them to be engaged and productive members of a global society. We offer a learning environment that is dynamic and innovative, ensuring that we are responsive to the ever-evolving workforce and industry demands. Our college is the nexus for connecting professionals, institutions, businesses and industries, locally and from around the world, to the knowledge, resources, and talents of Silicon Valley’s premier public university. 

Our Vision

We aspire to be the College that shapes the future of the workforce of Silicon Valley and beyond, preparing students for professions that exist today and those that have yet to be created. We will be recognized as a leader in international education, leveraging our diverse international population and strong portfolio of institutional programs and partnerships to advance our commitment in preparing students and scholars to live and lead in a global society.

Our Strategic Goals and Pathways

We commit to being a purposeful College, continuously aligning our strategic goals and the pathways for achieving them to ensure that we remain true to our mission. 

CPGE Mission Vision and Strategic Goals (PDF)

Goal 1: Become the Leading Provider of Relevant Educational Programs

We will be the leading provider of educational programs that meet the needs of University as well as the contemporary workforce demands of the region and the world. We are committed to developing and graduating students with the competencies to be employed, fulfilled, and productive members of their communities. Our pathway:

  • Continued commitment to understanding the contemporary workforce needs of the region and the globe via market research and data analytics, and proactively finding sustainable educational solutions to meet those needs
  • Nurture faculty research and scholarship to ensure that teaching is informed by current and new knowledge
  • Develop new and innovative programs and curricula focused on providing individuals/professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in both current and emerging businesses and industries
  • Support the University’s graduation initiative by developing courses, programs and methods of instructional delivery to support students’ timely progress towards their degree
  • Increase partnerships and engagement with local, regional, national, and international communities to foster educational and curricular innovation, support economic development, and create workforce pathways for students

Goal 2: Create a Global Ethos

We are committed to internationalizing our campus in order to cultivate an environment of diversity and inclusion, and to graduate students who are prepared to live and lead in an increasingly globalized world.  Our vision is to develop global citizens – students, scholars, and alumni who are deeply cognizant of living in a connected and interdependent world.  Our pathway:

  • Foster global competencies in our students and scholars through innovative curricular and co-curricular programming
  • Develop targeted, mutually beneficial partnerships with institutions, agencies (governmental and NGOs) and companies that share and support the globalization ethos and the University’s priorities and values
  • Enhance the overall positive experience of international students and scholars, and achieve awareness and understanding of the value of their presence on campus and in the community
  • Engage the campus in thinking and acting globally

Goal 3: Ensure a Robust and Viable Organization

We are committed to the students we serve, and therefore maintaining a financially and operationally optimal organization is critical to ensuring that our students have continual access to our quality programs and services. Our pathway:

  • Sustain fiscal responsibility through vigilance of the overall effective and efficient use of resources
  • Leverage data analytics throughout our operations to ensure we are making data-driven, evidence-based decisions
  • Identify new revenue sources through the creation and development of innovative and in-demand programs and services
  • Invest in our staff and faculty to support their work in developing, sustaining, and ensuring the success of the programs and our students
  • Contribute resources to University-wide projects and initiatives that are mutually beneficial and advances our College goals