Dear University Community,

We are pleased to announce that following thoughtful consideration the College of International and Extended Studies will now be known as the College of Professional and Global Education, effective immediately. This new name better aligns with the mission of the College and the University, reflects the programs offered within the College, and will allow us to more clearly articulate our values to businesses and industry partners.

This new name communicates the strengths of a university that has the ability to shape the future; prepares students for jobs that exist today; and, critically, prepares students for jobs we are just imagining. With our extensive portfolio in graduate and professional degree programs, and with our significant international population of students, this College and this title better expresses our commitments.

We believe this name signals to businesses, industry and students our ability to successfully adapt, evolve and meet the changing educational needs of our students and a contemporary workforce. Our focus continues to be on demand-driven programs for professions that offer career-minded students real world knowledge, experiences and the access they need to compete and succeed in a global economy.

The College of Professional and Global Education will continue to partner with SJSU colleges, including the newly created College of Graduate Studies, to develop innovative programs and curricula focused on providing individuals and professionals with the knowledge and skills they need for success in both current and emerging businesses and industries while also internationalizing our campus and developing our students as global citizens.


Joan C. Ficke
Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ruth Huard
Dean, College of Professional and Global Education