Students should be aware that some of the listed technical elective courses require prerequisites which would not normally be taken by ChE students.  Students must talk to the course instructor or graduate advisor before enrolling in any course for which they do not have the recommended prerequisites.  Please be aware of the work load required for the course before enrolling in it.  If you want a course added to the technical electives, please send the course description and syllabus to the CME Graduate Coordinator for review.

  • Per university policy, required transition courses and program of study courses cannot be used as electives.
  • Per university policy, you may not have more than 9 units of 100 level courses that count towards your M.S. degree.
  • You cannot take a 100-level course as an elective if you have already had a similar course as part of your undergraduate degree.
  • 100W and 200W cannot be used as technical electives.
  • Students must have a total of 12 units of technical electives as part of their program.  With research advisor approval it may be possible to use up to six (6) more 280 units as part of the technical electives requirement.

Technical Elective Courses

Group 1: CHE/MATE 200 Level Electives (3-12 units)

Group 2: CHE/MATE 100 Level Electives (0-9 units)

Group 3: Engineering/Science Electives (0-6 units)

Group 4: Mathematical Electives (0-3 units)

Group 5: Other Electives (0-3 units)