Service Learning Courses

Approval Deadlines: Proposals are accepted year-round. No course (or section) should be tagged with the CSLI/HIP Attribute unless it has completed this Service-Learning designation approval process.

Proposal Process

In Curriculog (instructions linked) complete the High Impact Practice Course Tag Form, upload an accessible syllabus, and a one-page document answering the questions below.

  • How will students be introduced to service learning pedagogy?
  • What community needs will the student service address?
  • How is service learning tied to the course learning objectives (CLO's)?
  • Please list the non-profit, social service, or government agency (placement sites) at which the students will be placed. If not known, please describe the opportunities you would like students to have.
  • What service are students providing at their placement sites, and how does it contribute to the public good?
  • Are the placement sites listed in SJS4? If not, have the sites begun the University Organization Agreement process?

Courses that receive designation as service learning courses will be assigned a course attribute at the course catalog level in PeopleSoft. Tagged service learning courses will be included in the SJS4 web application.

Frequently Asked Questions