Department or School Reorganization

Academic departments or colleges may find it necessary or desirable to change their organizational status by splitting, merging, transferring, or eliminating their department. Reasons for such changes vary, for example, 

  • Academic discipline changes
  • Industry standards or expectations change
  • Academic programs within a college require re-alignment
  • Student demand and profile exceeds capacity of the current department
  • Small degree programs/departments need to merge to reduce costs to retain program offerings

All such changes impact the Academic Program Catalog in CMS and may also impact curriculum articulation, academic advising, student records, admissions, and/or financial operations, data reporting requirements, academic scheduling and/or personnel management structures. Such changes require review, consultation and recommendation for approval by the following the process below (per University Policy S13-9 [pdf]).

After the Approval

After the department reorganization has been approved, the department must submit the AAD Organizational Change Checklist to Academic Business and Strategic Operations (ABSO). Implementing the name change will involve a series of tasks as outlined in the AAD Checklist.

When notified of approval of a department reorganization, the Office of Undergraduate Education will log the proposal in Curriculog.