What Students Say

Picture of SJSU Student Huyen Pham

Huyen Pham
Student in the BS Business Administration, Concentration in International Business, Class of 2021

Aside from our major courses, I think it's crucial for everyone to have a well-rounded education of all possible topics regarding their surroundings. GE courses including public speaking, economics, and money management introduced me to my future profession, whereas courses in arts and social issues expanded my knowledge on cultures around the world and made me more aware of the current social issues; all of which will affect me throughout my career as well as my daily life.

Picture of SJSU Student Flor Sario

Flor Sario
Student in the BS Business Administration, Concentration in Management Information Systems, Class of 2021

Though college is intended to prepare students for a prosperous career in their intended field of study, college is also about providing students with the tools to be well-rounded individuals regardless of their major. GE courses are at the root of creating awareness, knowledge, and abilities that will be needed in any field, job, and space.

SJSU Student Winnie Liao

Winnie Liao
Student in the BS Nutritional Science, Concentration in Applied Nutrition and Food Sciences, Class of 2022

The relevance of General Education is essential because of the variety of interests and passions that can be obtained. As a nutritional science student, I thought I was only going to take courses focusing on my majors, but GE courses allowed me to still take courses I am passionate about also. GE courses allow you to expand your horizon of skill sets and meet other amazing opportunities out of your field!