Change of Major and Minor


Undeclared or Change of Major


If you are Undeclared and wish to declare Kinesiology as your major, or if you are declared in another major and wish to Change Majors to Kinesiology, please review the requirements listed below:

I. A GPA from a minimum of two full semesters of completed work at SJSU (roughly 25-30 units) is required before applying for a change of major to Kinesiology. At the end of each semester, the number of open spaces in the Kinesiology major will be determined by the University. Students will be assessed according to their SJSU cumulative GPA and their grades in the minimum four qualifying courses indicated above per University Policy regarding impaction criteria.

II. Undeclared students, or those currently declared in another major, seeking to declare Kinesiology as their major must pass a total of at least four of the following qualifying courses at SJSU: Two from Column A and two from Column B.

Note on Grade Minimums: All courses listed in Column A and Column B must be passed with
a C- or better.

Column A
GE Area A3 (ENGL recommended)
KIN 70 - Introduction to Kinesiology
GE Area C1, C2, D1, D2, D3, or E
List department name, name of class, and number of class in the row below in which you earned the highest grade.
Column B
BIOL 65 - Human Anatomy
BIOL 66 - Human Physiology
CHEM 30A - Introductory Chemistry
If a higher CHEM course has been previously completed, list the name and number of class in the row below.

Further Suggestions for Students Wishing to Declare Kinesiology as Their Major:

I. Declaring Kinesiology as your major will be competitive. In order to strengthen your chances of being accepted, you must have a GPA of 3.10 or higher.

II. Spread the qualifying courses listed in Column A and Column B over at least two semesters.

III. Have a back-up plan. Look for and identify a second possible major outside of Kinesiology that interests you. Take classes that will work for both Kinesiology and the other possible major you are interested in case your change of major request to Kinesiology is not granted.

Application Packet Requirements and Expected Turnaround

Submit your completed application packet as a PDF and send via email to Victoria Duval ( To be considered for the Spring semester, submit your packet on or before January 10. To be considered for the Fall semester, submit your packet on or before June 10. See below for a list of the necessary components to include in your application packet:

1. Complete the Kinesiology Change of Major Application [pdf]

2. Complete the University-Level Change of Major Form

(a) For students with fewer than 90 units completed, fill out the following Change of Major Form - Less Than 90 Units [pdf]

(b) For students with more than 90 units completed, fill out the following Change of Major Form - More Than 90 Units [pdf]

3. If you have over 90 units completed prior to requesting a change of major, you must complete a typed personal statement explaining your reasoning and rationale in requesting a change of major.

4. For students both under and over 90 units of completed coursework, include a PDF copy of your most recent (unofficial) transcript with the four qualifying classes highlighted.

5. A copy of your unoffical transcript

(KIN Application, University Form, and Unoffical Trancript are required) No signatures are required, please send completed forms to Victoria Duval,
You will be contacted within two weeks after the application deadline to let you know if you have been accepted. Contact will be by email, so be sure you have entered your email address correctly. Remember: you must have completed at least 2 semesters of work at SJSU. According to University Policy, you may only apply to change your major to any one major (e.g. to Kinesiology) twice.




A minor is an excellent way to build depth to a major, while expanding career options. Through advisement, students can develop the electives that help to focus their minor program of study. The minor in the Department of Kinesiology is comprised of 18 units of coursework: 9 units required; 9 units elective.


Course Requirements:

KIN 070. Introduction to Kinesiology (3 units)
Complete one course from list below (3 units)
KIN 160. History of Sport and Physical Education
KIN 161. Philosophical Perspectives of Sport
KIN 164. Sociocultural Perspectives
KIN 168. Psychology of Coaching
Complete one course from list below (3 units)
KIN 155. Exercise Physiology
KIN 158. Biomechanics
KIN 165. Motor Development
KIN 166. Motor Learning
Three activity courses (3 units)
Three activity courses from three different movement areas approved by the advisor; these courses are in addition to the two unit university graduation requirement.

Application Steps:

Please meet with your academic counselor to discuss the ways a minor in kinesiology can expand your education and knowledge base. In order to pick a minor, please determine the time you have available and where you are at in your journey in your major department. 
Once students have selected Kinesiology as a minor, please complete:
Kinesiology Minor Form [pdf]
University Change of Major/Minor Form - Less than 90 units [pdf]
University Change of Major/Minor Form - More than 90 units [pdf]
Unoffical Transcript
(KIN Minor Application, Univeristy Form, and Unoffical Transctipt are required) No signatures are required, please send completed forms to Victoria Duval,

Graduation Requirements