Movement Science



Our Focus

Movement Science provides advanced training on human movement analysis from biomechanical, neuromotor control, developmental and learning perspectives. Students develop a specific set of skills applicable across various applications in academia, healthcare, and industry.


  • Engage in multidisciplinary discussions and collaborations with professional and community organizations to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Design and conduct human subject projects, and prepare for an advanced degree, such as doctoral programs.
  • Develop research-based and data-driven applied-skills for academic, healthcare, rehabilitation, and industry-wide opportunities.


  • Integrate Motor Development, Motor Learning, Biomechanics and Sport Psychology subdisciplinary perspectives when analyzing human movement.
  • Develop skill sets applicable in academic, healthcare, rehabilitation, and industry-wide settings.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the science underlying human movement.
  • Apply knowledge in various sports, movements, and physical activities.

Program Entry Requirements

  • 3.0 GPA in last 60 semester units, (2.75 and above considered)
  • Complete Cal State Apply Application
  • Two letters of recommendation


Core courses

  • KIN 250 - Fundamentals of Quantitative Research
  • KIN 251 - Fundamentals of Qualitative Research

Movement Science Courses

  • KIN 257 - Biomechanics
  • KIN 265 - Advanced Motor Development
  • KIN 266 - Principles and Concepts of Perceptual Motor Learning


One to two electives are chosen with your academic advisor to accentuate and bolster your program of study

Culminating Experience

  • Plan A - Master's Thesis Project (6 units)
  • Plan B - Special Studies Project (3 units) 


Movement Science Faculty:

Dr. Chang

Seung Ho Chang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
 Spartan Complex 111
(408) 924-8154

Dr. Hu

Yang Hu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Spartan Complex 164
(408) 924-3035

Dr. Jin

Li Jin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Spartan Complex 111
(408) 924-3046


Dr. Wughalter

Emily Wughalter, Ed.D.

Spartan Complex 166
(408) 924-3043