Study Abroad GE Approval Process

Getting a Course approved for CORE General Education, American Institutions, PE and 100W (GWAR)

The Office of Undergraduate Education (UE) has the authorization to approve study abroad coursework to meet lower division General Education (GE), upper division GE (SJSU Studies), American Institutions (US1-3), 100W (GWAR), or Physical Education (PE) requirements.

  1.  Email the following:
    1. Your First (& Preferred) Last Name
    2. SJSU ID number
    3. Name of host campus and host country (e.g. Yonsei University, South Korea)
    4. List of courses planning to take abroad
    5. Specify which Area(s) you are requesting for approval (e.g., Area C2, PE) 
    6. Attach Course Syllabus (or links)

2. Undergraduate Education will evaluate your request and initiate Academic Approval Form.  Student's will receive a separate email from DocuSign with the AAF attached.

GE Pre-Approved Courses by Continent 




North America

Oceania (Australia/New Zealand)

South America


  1. What are the course numbering for Study Abroad courses?
    Lower division courses are given a course number of 092 (e.g., JPN 092), upper division courses are given a course number of 192 (e.g., JPN 192), and graduate level courses are given the course number 292 (e.g. JPN 292).

  2. Is approval for a specific SJSU GE course?
    approval is NOT for a specific SJSU GE course, only for GE Area.

  3. What happens if a course is less than 3 units?
    Courses that are fewer than 3 semester units, will need additional course(s) approved to fulfill the GE area unit requirement.

  4. The host campus does not have syllabi available, what can I send to have the course(s) reviewed?
    If the syllabus is not available students must email course description(s).

  5. My approved course is was not offered (or unable to enroll in it), can UE approved a different course?
    Yes, students will need to email UE with the new course information and syllabus.

Signing Order Flowchart