Visitor and Guest Parking

Visitors and guests to campus must either pay for an appropriate virtual parking permit (time-limit or general parking space) or be registered through their host department.

Visitors and guests may park by the hour or by the day.

Paid parking is required as soon as the vehicle parked and at all times when parking on campus. It is recommended you find a parking spot before purchasing a permit.  Please visit the campus map to view all parking locations on campus.

SJSU uses the License Plate Recognition (LPR) permitting system; therefore, your license plate number will be requested at the time of purchase. Please have your license plate information with you prior to leaving your vehicle.  It is recommended for you to take a picture of your vehicle license plate so you have the information ready when purchase your parking permit.

Daily or Short-term

Event Parking

Department Requesting Permits for Guests or Event

Visitor Parking