Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society at SJSU

Welcome Back Spring Social
The AMS Student Chapter's Spring 2022 Welcome Back Social. SC of AMS members and MetCS Dept. party-goers on the roof of Duncan Hall.

About Us

The San José Student Chapter of AMS is a recognized student organization at San José State University for anyone and everyone interested in or passionate about weather, meteorology, and climatology! We strive to develop our members both personally and professionally by educating students about the climatology fields, discussing career paths, networking with scientists and fellow spartans, helping students in their meteorology studies, and growing as a community.

Meet Your Student Chapter of AMS Officers

Lucas Pollicino

Lucas Pollicino, President

Bio coming soon!

Margarita Mora

Margarita Mora, Treasurer

Hello! My name is Margarita Mora and I am a Bay Area native. I am a senior pursuing a degree in Meteorology. I love getting involved with and contributing to my community, so I am very excited to serve as Treasurer this year. My research interests lie in computational data analysis and tropical meteorology, and my career goal is to be a research scientist!

Elder Contreras

Elder Contreras, Graduate Student Representative

Hello everyone, my name is Elder Contreras and I am a first year graduate student in the Meteorology Department. I am really excited to be a part of the student chapter of AMS. Some of my interests lie in climate change, extreme weather, mesoscale meteorology, forecasting, and most recently, I developed an interest in pyro CB's which are clouds created by extreme wildfires. I would love to work for the National Weather Service as a forecaster. In my free time I like to read, work out, go for walks, and spend time with family who made it possible for me to get this far with my studies.