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Dr. Craig Clements, Director of the SJSU Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center is featured in a segment on NBC Bay Area.

Experts Hope for Much More Mild Fire Season This Year Due to All the Rain

Featured on NBC Bay Area, Cartoon Series "Green Ninja" was created by climate scientist and San José State professor, Eugene Cordero, for a unique way of teaching students about climate change.

'Green Ninja' Teaches Kids About Climate Change

Climate Science student Edgar McGregor is featured in a segment on NBC Bay Area.

San José College Student Doing Daily Cleanups Has Picked Up Over 20,000 Pounds of Trash

MetCS graduate students Maritza Arreola Amaya and Marc Buchs are featured in a segment on KPIX-TV.

Despite heavy rains, Bay Area plants already losing moisture ahead of fire season

Kate Forrest's Busy Summer 

Photo credit: Rob Mayeda/NBC Bay Area

California Wildfires - SJSU Radar Studying Extreme Wildfire Weather

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Follow up on our Featured Story: Holt Hanley 

Holt Hanley Weather Youtube Channel

Holt Hanley releases weather analysis videos on YouTube to practice his broadcast technique. His practice paid off when a feature article in a local paper pointed readers to his channel for the most understandable fire weather analysis the reporter had found. Holt now delivers his critical information to thousands of Bay Area subscribers who appreciate his well practiced delivery of critical weather and fire danger news.

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Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center

SJSU Wild Fire Research

Telemundo Article About SJSU's Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center