Undergraduate Advising

General Education Courses

For advising on GE courses, please contact the College of Science Student Success Center (COSSSC).

MyProgress can also give you a good overview of what general education courses you have taken and must take in the future. For progress in MetCS coursework, please double check with your advisor.

Changing Your Major

If you are changing your major to Meteorology or/Climate Science, please make an appointment for advising.

If you are changing to another major, please contact COSSSC for advising.


You can apply for graduation here. Generally a semester before you plan on graduating is a good time to apply. If you'd like more information about graduating, please visit SJSU's undergraduate graduation page.

MetCS Minors

Roadmaps and forms for all MetCS minors can be found in the Academic Forms section on our Resources page. 


Other Resources

Transfer Course Articulation

SJSU's Grading Policies

Drop or Withdrawal Course - Student Petitions


Advising for general education, undeclared students, international students and students on probation or who are disqualified is offered by the College of Science Student Success Center.