The study of marketing examines the most dynamic aspect of business. As you go through the marketing courses you'll feel the excitement of learning about and dealing with issues and trends faced by real world marketing managers, even as they struggle with the same realities and opportunities. In the Marketing concentration students will learn about creating a product or service and managing relationships with customers. In the effort to continuously keep pace with the Silicon Valley, the marketing program is designed to spark student innovation and provide multi-disciplinary opportunities through an academically challenging curriculum. For instance, a cluster of high technology marketing electives is offered to keep majors on top of the latest advancements in the marketing field.

Keeping in step with the global marketplace, you may take courses in International Marketing, providing instruction on national and international concepts for developing and selling products. The marketing program also focuses on the business functions concerned with market definition and objectives, product or service development, customer segmentation and product positioning. When you graduate, you will have the confidence of entering the world of Marketing ready and primed to take part in this fast-changing and exciting career field.

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Marketing Careers

According to the San José State University Career Center, the average starting salary for SJSU marketing majors who graduated in 2006 was $46,717.00. The national average was $37,191.00 The U.S. Department of Labor reported in 2004 that the annual median earnings for marketing managers were $87,640. In 2005, the same position in Silicon Valley garnered an annual salary of $117,380.

Potential Career Paths

  • Market and survey researcher
  • Product management and product marketing
  • Marketing analyst
  • Sales representative
  • Retail manager
  • Direct marketer
  • Channel and distribution manager
  • Marketing communications
  • Web marketing