Orientation Leaders


Orientation Leaders Position Name Major
What is one tip you would like to share with an incoming student?
Madi Orientation Program Asssitant Madi Medina Journalism In college, you will have time to learn more about yourself. Whether it be personally, academically, or both, I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone. Being “comfortable” with being “uncomfortable” will help you experience new things and ideas that will help mold you into a strong, multifaceted person. 
Meghan Jernigan Orientation Mentor Meghan Jernigan Communication Studies Be a "yes man." In other words say yes to any and all opportunities that come your way because you may find new passions, make connections, or even experience something you would've never otherwise experienced if you hadn't taken the chance. 
Nestor Pantoja Orientation Mentor Nestor Pantoja Liberal Studies Teaching Prep Definitely try to get involved! Not only does it make your time at SJSU much more worthwhile, but its a really great opportunity to get to know your interests a bit more and meet new people along the way!