BUS2 130 Introduction to Marketing

Course Description

This course provides an experience-based introduction to marketing theory and its real-world application. Topics to be addressed include: (1) the definition and evolution of marketing, (2) marketing ethics, (3) marketing stakeholders (the company/value chain, customers, competitors, and community/socio-political and economic context), (4) market sizing/segmentation, (5) core marketing principles (product/service positioning, distribution/channels, pricing strategies, and marketing communication/promotion methods), (6) the significance and use of market research and analysis, (7) creating a marketing plan and (8) developing executive presentations/pitches through effective storytelling. Working in teams, students will participate in the preparation of a marketing plan and executive-level presentation/pitch for an actual or hypothetical public, private or not-for-profit organization, to be presented to a panel of industry professionals. Assigned weekly readings are due for discussion by the following week’s class.

Date & Time

Section 03: Monday & Wednesday, 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Section 06: Monday & Wednesday, 4:30pm - 5:45pm

Course Syllabus

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