BUS2 194A Statistical Analysis

Course Description

Statistics is the foundation necessary for the art and science of making data-based decisions. This course teaches advanced topics in inferential statistics while giving opportunities to improve proficiency in descriptive statistics and data visualization: we collect (sample), describe, analyze, and make inferences about data that appear in business reports. The course explores confidence intervals and hypothesis testing to make decisions about populations based on sample data, further explores the concepts of regression and correlation to find relationships between various factors, and introduces important topics in experimental design, time series analysis and non-parametric estimation.

Date, Time & Location

Monday/Wednesday, 9-10:15am, BBC 324

Course Syllabus

BUS2 194A-01 Syllabus (Spring 2020) [pdf] updated for online format

BUS2 194A-01 Syllabus (Spring 2020) [pdf] updated for online format (schedule only)