Paul Bashaw

Department: Philosophy

Office Location: FO 210

Office Hours: M, T 11:00-12:00 pm

Telephone: 924-4207



Paul Bashaw received his B.A. in Psychology from Sacramento State College and his M.A. in Philosophy from San Jose State. He worked as a clinical psychologist in a residential treatment home for children most of whom had been abandoned, neglected and /or abused. He also did some marriage and family counseling during that period. He has also spent a number of years working for both large businesses (I.B.M.) and small businesses such as courier companies, driveway companies and the like.

His interests in Philosophy are centered around Epistemology and Ethics. A major issue that has fascinated him for years is the Problem of Universals. His primary interest in Ethics is its application to business. He is also very much interested in literature especially fiction that deals with philosophical issues.

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