Earn your MS in Quantum Technology, a joint degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering

Dr. Hurst writing entangled states on whiteboard

The Master of Science degree in Quantum Technology (MSQT) is designed to educate students in the dynamic and growing field of Quantum Information Science and Engineering (QISE). This new program brings together faculty from the Departments of Physics & Astronomy and Electrical Engineering to equip students with a broad set of QISE skills in a cross-disciplinary environment. The program targets students who have already obtained an undergraduate degree in a STEM field. It aims to expose them to more hands-on and specialized work in quantum technologies including quantum sensing, quantum computation, quantum communication, quantum hardware, and the corresponding electronic controls.

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Information Sessions are held annually in March on Zoom. View slides from past information sessions. 

Real World Quantum Computing Workshop @ LLNL is held annually in collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. View the workshop website.

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The MS in Quantum Technology Graduate Advisor is Prof. Hilary Hurst. Contact her at hilary.hurst@sjsu.edu or visit the MSQT Advising website (SJSU Login Required)

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Work with award-winning and innovative faculty while gaining real world experience. Students who are pursuing or applying for enrollment in the MS QT graduate program at SJSU are eligible to apply.

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