Quantum Technology Traineeship

A National Science Foundation Research Traineeship Program

Apply Now (Deadline: April 1, 2024)

Leadership Team + Affiliates

San Jose State University

Name Role Department Research Interest(s)
Hilary Hurst PI Physics and Astronomy Many-body Atomic Physics, Quantum Control
Ehsan Khatami Co-PI Physics and Astronomy Strongly Correlated Systems, Machine Learning
Hiu Yung Wong Co-PI Electrical Engineering Device Physics, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing

Colorado School of Mines

Name Role Department Research Interest(s)
Lincoln Carr PI Physics Quantum Physics, Complexity theory
Peter Aaen Co-PI Electrical Engineering Microwave Electronics
Geoff Brennecka Co-PI Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Functional Materials, Quantum Materials
Zhexuan Gong Co-PI Physics Quantum Physics, Machine Learning
Meenakshi Singh Co-PI Physics Quantum Physics, Transport Measurements
Bo Wu Co-PI Computer Science Program Optimization for Emerging Architectures

Colorado State University

Name Role Department Research Interest(s)
Julie Maertens External Evaluator STEM CSU Evidence-based Evaluation and Assessment