Annual Assessment of GE Learning Objectives

Responsibility of the Program Coordinator (PC)

Prior to the start of the academic year, the program coordinator will communicate to the faculty teaching SOCI 100W, the Academic Year assessment of learning objectives. The PC will review syllabi for GE Learning Objectives, course learning goals, and department learning goals.

Assessment Plan Implementation

Each academic year, faculty will randomly select 5 papers from their class (unless otherwise noted) and using an online rubric, will assess papers according to the SLO being evaluated that year. Faculty will complete the assessment activity and fill out a report for the PC each assessment period. The PC will analyze the assessment data outlined above for the previous academic year and complete a report to be submitted to the Department Chair by September 1st. The Department Chair will submit the report electronically to and to CoSS by October 1st.

Sample Spring 2015 Assessment Survey [pdf]

Assessment Schedule

GE Student Learning Objective Assessment Year Assessment Activity

SLO 1: Students shall be able to produce discipline-specific written work that demonstrates upper-division proficiency in:


  • Language Use
  • Grammar
  • Clarity of Expression


Use Qualtrics rubric to assess for language use, grammar, and written clarity.

SLO 2: Students shall be able to explain, analyze, develop, and criticize ideas effectively, including ideas encountered in multiple readings and expressed in different forms of discourse.


Use Qualtrics rubric to assess students’ competencies and ability to explain, analyze, develop, criticize ideas found in multiple readings (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly books/chapters). Eligible assignments can be final paper, literature review, compare/contrast essay, annotated bibliography.

SLO 3: Students shall be able to organize and develop essays and documents for both professional and general audiences.


Faculty randomly samples 3 papers from 2 types of written assignments:


  1. Professional (Sociological) Writing (same type assessed for SLO 2)
  2. General Audiences Writing (e.g. Resume, Blog, PowerPoint presentation). Assess using Qualtrics Rubric

SLO 4: Students shall be able to organize and develop essays and documents according to appropriate editorial and citation standards.


Have students complete SJSU Library survey on citation styles and references. Collect data from Librarian.

SLO 5: Students shall be able to locate, organize, and synthesize information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose, and to communicate that purpose in writing.


Use Qualtrics rubric to assess final research paper, annotated bibliography, or information literacy assignment.

Other: (optional; e.g. diversity, writing): Students are exposed to and read from sociological and popular literature from different sources.

Review of Spring semester syllabi each year.

Course coordinator reviews syllabi using rubric for types of reading sources given in the course.

End of Next Program Planning Cycle: AY 2019-2020.