EdD Writing Support

The Writing Across the Curriculum program offers a variety of writing support activities for students in the Lurie College of Education's EdD program.

Writing Meetings with Tom (For 3rd Year Students Writing Dissertations)

Individual, one-hour meetings with me, either on the Zoom or the good old telephone. We can make plans, read and discuss sections of your dissertation, discuss organizational ideas, brainstorm future sections of your dissertation, etc. Whatever helps you make progress on your project.

Dissertation Formatting and Proofreading Workshops (For 3rd Year Students)

Three-hour workshops devoted to correctly formatting your dissertation and proofreading. The first half of each workshop will be devoted to formatting, the second half to proofreading.

Writing Support Meetings (For All EdD Students)

Scheduled meetings with a Graduate Writing Fellow to work on specific writing tasks/issues. From proposals and literature reviews to dissertation chapters and specific class assignments.

Writing Groups (For 2nd and 3rd Year Students)

Want to make progress on your projects? Form a writing group and get support and encouragement from your colleagues.

Dinner and Discussion (For All EdD Students)

Cook up a plate of food and join us on the Zoom for a presentation and discussion.

Proposal and Dissertation Resources

Tons of information to help you write and correctly format your proposal and dissertation.

Professional Development for EdD Faculty

Download the presentation slides for Working with EdD Student Writers at

Download Presentation Slides