Departmental Goals

Departmental Goals

The Department of Anthropology seeks to enhance student knowledge and skills in the following areas.


  1. Understanding culture as the distinguishing phenomenon of human life, and the relationship of human biology and evolution.
  2. Awareness of human diversity and the ways humans have categorized diversity.
  3. Knowledge of the significant findings of archaeology, cultural anthropology, and physical anthropology, and familiarity of the important issues in each sub-discipline.
  4. Knowledge of the history of anthropological thought and its place in modern intellectual history.
  5. Comprehension of migration, colonialism, and economic integration as significant phenomenon shaping global society.


  1. Ability to access various forms of anthropological data and literature.
  2. Awareness of importance and value of anthropological knowledge in contemporary society, and the ability to apply it to social issues.
  3. Knowledge of the research methods of the sub-disciplines of anthropology, and the ability to apply appropriate research methods in at least one sub-discipline.
  4. Ability to present and communicate anthropological knowledge and the results of anthropological research to different audiences.

Professional Values

  • Knowledge of political and ethical implications of social research.