Preparing to Graduate with a Major Degree

Note: If you have an Apple computer, make sure to have Adobe Reader installed. The program must show up on the System Preferences in the Apple drop down menu. Open the program and when you're prompted to "Convert all Files," click yes.

Step 1

Go to MySJSU and open MyProgress. Scroll down to your major. Look carefully for red squares in the major. Those are requirements you have not yet fulfilled. Print a pdf of your MyProgress page. 

Step 2

Save the MyProgress Page to your computer. Save them using the following naming system: (your last name)_(your first name)_(form name). For example, if your name is Diana Smith your MyProgress page should be saved as smith_diana_myprogress. Close the file once you have saved them.

Step 3

Open a word file. Make a list of the courses you intend to take to fulfill the red square requirements. List them in the order they are prestended on your MyProgress report. Save that file as (your last name) (your first name) (requirements). Save that list as a pdf.

Step 4

Send both pdf files, your MyProgress file and your requirements file to The subject of your email should be the name of your degree program (for example smith_diana_anthropology_major). We only accept major forms submitted in this way. 

Step 5

You will be notified by email when your progress to graduation is approved. You will then be authorized to submit an online graduation application with instructions on how to do so.

Step 6

Submit your application for graduation. If you have concerns about General Education, or any other University Requirements, please contact the Student Success Center for advising.