Platica Series

Welcome to our Plática page! 

Ever wonder about the career opportunities waiting for you post-SJSU? Or how you can give back to your community using the knowledge you've gained? Look no further! Each spring we invite speakers to give a one hour talk about just that. 

Here, you'll find information on upcoming Pláticas, resources to past events, detailed information about registering for events, and how to share these resources with community members. 

Events will be hosted and recorded on Zoom. Once complete, we will post them here for future viewing as part of our initiative to create an acccessible digital archive of the scholarly work being done in CCS as a community- and social justice-serving discipline at SJSU. 

Please find the registration link to our events here: Register for Plática 

Upcoming Events 

danny final

Flyer featuring Liz Huizar. Next plática speaker will be on October 17, 2023 at 4:30. To register click on the link.

A proud Spartan, Liz Huizar earned a Masters in Mexican American Studies in 2016. Since then, Liz moved to Seattle, WA landing at El Centro De La Raza, a 50 year Chican@ serving community based organization. In her role, Liz connected with youth, families and community to create ethnic studies framed programming that centered identity exploration, leadership development and action driven change. Liz is now the Executive Director of Southeast Seattle Education Coalition where she leads collective strategies to build an ecosystem for educational justice. As her career has grown, integrating Chican@ studies has been a critical component of her impact strategy.  

Her plática explored "how Chican@ studies can be applied to non-profit program models. I will discuss how Chican@ studies can create strength based, grassroot models that transform both the community and those providing direct services."

Past Events

Sara X. Hernández

Sara X Hernandez

Hernández is the PI for an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation-funded grant focused on improving equity-based holistic admissions and mentoring practices for graduate students within the Sloan University Centers for Exemplary Mentoring (UCEM) and Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership (SIGP) communities. She has served as a co-PI for the Cornell Sloan UCEM (University Center for Exemplary Mentoring) and NSF AGEP (Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate) Programs and is a member of advisory committees for several NSF-funded projects. Hernández is also a member of the steering committees for the national Equity in Graduate Education Consortium and Ivy+ Faculty Advancement Network. She also serves on the Diversity and Inclusiveness Advisory Committee for the Council of Graduate Schools, the Equity in Graduate Education Pathways Advisory Committee for the American Council on Education, and the Undocumented Graduate Student Advisory Board for the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration. 

Watch as Dr. Hernández discusses her work bringing about systemic change within graduate education, with an emphasis  around issues of accessbiility, equity, and support for Latiné scholars and others from who have historically been excluded and underrepresented in the academy. 

Video coming soon!

Flor del Pueblo

The members of the group Flor del Pueblo joined us for a virtual community discussion about their impact on the sound of the Chicano Movement.