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The Chicana and Chicano Studies major is an interdisciplinary program of study that can work well as a double major or as a stand alone major with a related minor. The degree offers student's the flexibility to immerse themselves in a general overview of the discipline or to focus their studies a specific specialization area in the major: cultural and creative expression, institutions and community engagement, or transnationalism and global relations. 

What does a degree in Chicana and Chicano Studies mean?

The BA in Chicana and Chicano Studies (CCS) is an interdisiplinary program of study that can work great as a double major or as a stand alone major with a related minor.  A degree in Chicana and Chicano Studies provides students with insights and skills related to applying a complex understanding of social systems with applied strategies and lessons for engaging in efforts to address specific and pressing community needs. The goal of the BA in Chicana and Chicano Studies is to prepare students for the occupational climate of California resulting from the growth in racial diversity and unique needs related to these demographic shifts.

Is the major impacted or is there a minimum GPA requirement?

No, the major is not impacted and does not currently have a minimum GPA requirement.

What type of career/job can I get with a degree in CCS?

In an increasingly global and ethnically diverse workplace, a degree in Chicana and Chicano Studies is a valuable asset for both the employee and the employer. Upon completion you will have gained the skills necessary to take you into a number fields. The program of study in CCS in grounded in social justice and human understanding, along with your critical thinking and communication skills they provide a solid foundation that should carry you forward into many career paths. Alumni in our BA program can expect to find a number of opportunities to work in education from K-12, state and local government, various social service agencies, media outlets, and law enforcement agencies to name a few.  

A degree in Chicana and Chicano Studies also prepares students for an MA or Ph.D. in Chicana/o Studies, Ethnic Studies, or other academic fields.

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What do our alumni have to say?

In their own words...We asked graduating CCS students, "What would you say about CCS to an incoming student who is trying to decide on a major?"

"I would tell students that MAS is more than just American history. It is a community that was created to help us navigate through different institutions and inspire us to pursue the highest level of education. It is also an opportunity to learn about where we came from as a community which can help us figure out where we want to go." A. Arriaga

"TAKE MAS CLASSES! It will be the greatest breath of fresh air in comparison to other courses. The decision to major or minor will be easy after." M. Mosqueda

".... I always tell my peers to check out the MAS program. Sometimes I felt like I learned more relevant information in my MAS classes than in my GE classes. MAS teachers connect classroom work to current events." J. Navarro

"Formal education in the focus of one's ethnic background isn't a waste of time but a foundation from which to see the world as a more empowering place." M. Villa

How does becoming a member of the CCS family impact our students?

"I took my first MAS class in my freshman year of college at SJSU and it filled the voids the wider society at large did not nurture towards my brown, female, and intellectual identity. From history to the arts, I learned that there is a space for a Chicana in higher education. My classmates and I may be different in how we got to State, but in the common desire for ethnic intellectual gains we smiled the same. I wish the major had been an opportunity when I was an undergrad but a minor is no shame." M. Villa

"As a minority student, I never saw myself, or my people, represented in history. It wasn’t until I took MAS courses that I learned of the importance of Chicanx and Latinx individuals. Not only did MAS give me the confidence and pride in my heritage, but it also helped me understand that our culture doesn’t define us; rather it should encourage us to be social, political, and cultural activists who strive for equity and equality of all individuals."  A. Magaña

"I joined MAS because all the teachers seemed understanding, willing to help, and cared for our community. MAS gave me a safe place where I was not afraid to ask questions."  J. Navarro


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