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Chicanx/Latinx Student Success Center at SJSU


Main Phone: 408-924-5102

Office Location
Diaz Compean Student Union
Room 1340 (across from Jamba Juice)

Mailing Address
Chicanx/Latinx Student Success Center
San José State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA  95192-0196

Staff Directory

Program Director

Program Director Lilly Pinedo Gangai, M.A.

Lilly Pinedo Gangai, M.A.

Pronouns: She/Her
Office Hours at the Centro:
Tuesdays 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. and Wednesdays 11am-12pm
Phone: 408-924-5949

Lilly Pinedo Gangai is the inaugural Program Director of the Chicanx/Latinx Student Success Center. She leads, coordinates, and implements culturally sustaining academic programs and initiatives that support and promote Chicanx/Latinx student success. In collaboration with various campus and community partners, Lilly is committed to improving retention and graduation rates for Latinx students by applying research-based best practices and models. 


Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator Elisa Aquino

Elisa Aquino
Pronouns: She/Her
Office Hours at the Centro: TBD
Phone: 408-924-3919

Elisa Aquino is the program coordinator at the Chicanx Latinx Student Success Center. Elisa received her bachelor degree in Latin American Latino Studies and Sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2017. 


Student Success Leaders

Student Success Leader Edwin

Edwin Sanchez Ochoa
Pronouns: He/Him/Él
Class Level: Senior
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minor: Spanish

Hola Todxs!! I am a first generation college student originally from Lancaster, California but my heart is from Guadalajara, Mexico. I am very excited for this to be my second year Student Success Leader here at Centro. I decided to work at Centro because I have a passion for advising and being a resource to fellow students. I always want mi gente to succeed and what better way to see that than by working at Centro and be part of Latinx success stories. I am an Aquarius which means I am passionate about social justice, like to daydream and enjoy a challenge. I hope to get to know as many of y'all as I can and Adelante! Si se puede!

Student Success Leader Andy

Andy Garcia Chaidez
Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs/Elle
Class Level: Senior
Major: Chicana Chicano Studies
Minor: Transformational Leadership, and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Wassup! Mi nombre es Andy and my pronouns are they/them theirs elle. I transferred from Evergreen Valley college in 2019 and am currently a Chicanx studies major and double minor in women gender and sexuality studies as well as transformative leadership. I am a senior and graduating next spring 2022.

I was into astrology before it blew up on IG. My sun sign is a gemini and my moon and rising signs are in cancer. I really enjoy indulging in desserts like ice cream, cookies, pastries and other yummy sweet treats. I love sunsets and the beach. A fun fact about me is that I am bilingual and can speak spanish fluently with a sprinkle of spanglish here and there. I can also kinda play the piano and sing/rap at the same time lol.

I was inspired to serve as an SSL because I am so grateful for the active role centro has played in my success not only as a student but as a whole living and breathing human being at SJSU that I want to be able to support others through this journey in the same loving environment where we are encouraged to lead with our corazones.

Student Success Leader Karina

Karina Castro Perezchica
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Class Level: Sophomore
Major: Political Science

¡Hola familia! I am Karina Castro Perezhica and I am a Sophomore. I carry a passion for social sciences and therefore, I am declared as a Political Science major. My journey at San Jose State has been warm and welcoming every step of the way, with the help of the community I have built within the Adelante program. I was a mentee in the Adelante program during my first year at SJSU, and being a mentee helped ease my journey as a first-gen student at SJSU. Most importantly, it helped me feel comfortable meeting new people through virtual settings. My formal mentor, as well as the rest of the Student Success Leaders inspired me to become a leader myself. I learned a lot from my leaders, and because of that, I am fortunate to show my gratitude by giving back to my community. I am Latina and a person of color, and I love to embrace my culture through the art of Ballet Folklorico. Along with my passion for dance and my Mexican heritage, I will always be passionate to serve my beautiful people of color.

Student Success Leader Brianna

Brianna Navarrete
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Class Level: Sophomore
Major: Political Social Work 

Hey everyone ! My name is Brianna (she/her/hers) and I am a second year majoring in Social Work. Aside from having lived in San Jose my whole life, I am also a first-gen college student. Since the pandemic hit right before starting my first year of college, I had a rocky start with navigating myself through campus and finding my community but Centro took me in with open arms. As an Adelante mentee, they made my transition to college a lot easier, and through Centro I'm grateful to be able to help other students make that transition a little smoother as well.

 A fun fact about me is that I love to paint whenever I have time! I eventually turned it into a side gig, doing art commissions once I opened my first Instagram account for my paintings. I also love helping others; being able to help others and make them happy is what brings me joy :) as well as  going on afternoon walks when the sun starts to set. 

 I look forward to meeting everyone who stops by Centro and am excited to provide  support to anyone who needs it ! :)