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Spartan Sabiduría is a Centro led podcast station featuring SJSU students, faculty, staff, and community members. All content shared aims to inform and spread knowledge essential to the Latinx community.

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Season 2

Episode 1- The Future of Immigration Under a New Administration (October 22, 2021)

In collaboration with Ana Navarrete, director of the Undocu Spartan Resource Center, Edher Zamudio, Graduate Assitant at the Undocu Spartan Resource Center, and Barbara Pinto, attorney at the Immigrant Legal Defense, we engage in conversations surrounding the future of immigration in the U.S. as we transition to a new presidential administration. This podcast was first recorded early 2021, and a part 2 will be coming out this academic year with updates. 

Download episode 201 (.mp3)

Season 1 

Episode 3 (Part 1 & 2)- Mujer Divina/The Divine Feminine: How To Reclaim Your Power as A Mujer (womxn) Within the Latinx Community (June 12, 2020)

San Jose State University student leaders sit down to discuss what women empowerment means to them and how you can empower other women identifying folx. Listen and watch how they unpack the patriarchal and cultural ideologies they grew up with within the Latinx community. Dialogue is facilitated by Centro Student Success Leader, Alma De La Cruz-Perez, and Cesar Chavez Community Action Center Program Assistant, Jazmine Gomez in conversation with their peers Esperanza Rosas, Daisy Garcia Chaidez, and Yesenia Guzman.

Part 1: Download episode 3 (.mp3)

Part 2: Download episode 3 part 2 (.mp3)

Episode 2- Becoming Mujeres (March 12, 2020)

In this episode of Spartan Sabiruria, Dr. Rebeca Burciaga, Centro's Faculty Fellow and Professor of Educational Leadership and Chicana and Chicano Studies, sits down with Dr. Socorro (Coco) Castañeda and Lupita Castañeda-Liles, Co-Founders of Becoming Mujeres, a training firm that provides workshops and seminars on mental health to Latina teens, young adults, and older women. A power-house mother-daughter duo, Dr. Castañeda and Lupita share what and who inspired them to do this work, discuss the mission of Becoming Mujeres, and offer advice for Latina college students seeking support with talking to their familias about difficult topics such as gender norms, sexuality, and cultural expectations. 

Download episode 2 (.mp3)

Episode 1- Introduction to Centro (February 20, 2020)

In this first episode of Spartan Sabiduría, Dr. Rebeca Burciga, Centro's Faculty Fellow and Professor of Educational Leadership and Chicana and Chicano Studies, sits down with Centro's Program Director, Lilly Pinedo Gangai, and Yesenia Guzman, Centro Student Success Leader, to discuss the history of Centro, its mission, and the many ways it supports Latinx students at SJSU. Yesenia explains how she became involved with Centro, the ways she has benefitted from her role as a Student Success Leader, and how students can get involved.

Download episode 1 (.mp3)