What We Do


The Chicanx/Latinx Student Success Center (also known as Centro) will understand and respond to Latinx/a/o students unique needs through campus community advocacy and student empowerment. 

Centro will be a culturally-sustaining, academically-affirming space where students, staff, and faculty can collaborate to find new and effective ways of increasing Latinx/a/o student persistence, retention, and graduation rates.



Informed and inspired by the many cultural strengths of Latinx/a/o communities, Centro offers innovative programming and support services that are intentionally designed to enhance Latinx/a/o student success. As a result, Centro provides spaces that validate students’ intersecting identities, affirm their academic capabilities, develop their leadership skills, and foster healthy relationships, while promoting civic and community engagement. 

Core Values

  • Care
  • Equity
  • Social Justice
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Building
  • Collaboration