Bias Incident Resource Team Process

Please find below a current draft of the process that the Bias Incident Resource Team will follow to work with complaints that reach us.  

SJSU Bias Reporting Steps: 

Step 1: Receive Bias Incident Report 

  • Team reviews and determines appropriate route within 72 hours
  • UPD, SCED, ODEI, UP, DHR, Title IX can work with the team if they would like to include an educational sanction/outcome in their process  

Step 2: Planning

  • Once the report is determined to be a bias incident and not actionable for formal response: Reporting party will be contacted by a team member within 72 hours to determine  their optional participation in the process.
  • Team will honor anonymous reports and a reporter’s decision not to participate in  any process beyond submitting the report.

Step 3: Intervention 

  • Team member will work with the impacted parties which may include, but is not limited to: education, outreach, and or/a training.  

Step 4: Follow Up 

  • A team member will follow up with the reporter with incident outcome if necessary or desired. 

Step 5: Post Incident Data 

  • Team will track progress of the report and steps taken, that will be turned into a  formal case closed report. 
  • Team will keep data for the annual report and website.  

*If at any point after Step 2, the Bias Response Team learns new or additional information that might indicate a violation of policies, regulations, or law, the Team would re-evaluate and hand off to the appropriate office. Individuals still reserve the right to file a complaint with any office. 

*Reports can also be referred from UPD, ODEI, BIT, SCED, DHR, Title IX, Housing, and other community members to the Bias Incident Resource Team 

Reporting Process: 

Bias Incident Resource Team Process Flowchart