Managers and Supervisors

The collaboration of an employee's manager/supervisor in the interactive process is critical to EARC. Under the FEHA and ADA, a manager/supervisor of an employee with a qualified disability has the following legal responsibilities:

  1. Engaging in the interactive process in a timely manner, which includes:
    • referring an employee to the EARC when an employee approaches you regarding a disability/medical condition and/or requests an employment accommodation (see "More" section below for important details on referral guidelines);
    • refraining from requesting and accepting medical documentation from an employee who has a disability/medical condition and/or requests an employment accommodation;
    • consulting with EARC regarding any undue hardship, business necessities, and the effectiveness of proposed accommodations in enabling the employee to perform the essential job functions; and
    • overseeing the implementation and maintenance of the prescribed accommodations, if accommodations are prescribed; and
  2. Maintaining information relating to the employee's accommodations and/or status as an employee with a disability strictly confidential.