Accommodation Request Process

EARC Prospective Employee Registration Checklist

Step 1: Complete the EARC Intake Form [DocuSign] Your DocuSign questions answered..

Step 2: Obtain a current position description and have your treating physician review the work duties of the position, which list the essential job functions. Faculty: please communicate to your treating physician the work duties and responsibilities as described in Article 20: Workload [pdf] of the California Faculty Association (CFA) bargaining agreement.

Step 3: Obtain medical/psychological disability verification documentation from your treating physician/professional (i.e., medical documentation verifying that you have a disability as defined under California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), and that you are in need of an accommodation because of your limitations).

If you do not currently have a medical/psychological disability verification documentation, please have your treating physician/professional complete the EARC Verification Form [pdf].

Step 4: Submit the EARC Intake and EARC Verification Form's and current position description (if applicable) to the EARC via one of the methods below.



What happens after I complete these steps?

Questions regarding the registration/request process?  Please do not hesitate to call us at 408-924-6003, and an EARC representative will gladly walk you through the process.