Become a bold, transformative leader in education.

Learn and study what education could be. Work to identify and dismantle systems of oppression within K-12 and higher education to build a more just and equitable future. Our graduate degree programs are delivered using a hybrid model that maximizes collaboration while prioritizing flexibility. As leading practitioners and scholars, our faculty are committed to offering hands-on support and mentorship to the next generation of emancipatory education leaders and academics.

HELM Prof Day

MA, Higher Education Leadership

How to Apply

Our MA program prepares you through an equity-minded praxis approach to engage in transformative thinking and practice with the goal of disrupting how power, in the form of racism, classism, sexism, and related oppressions intersect to (re)produce and sustain disparate higher educational opportunities in higher education.

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MELS Graduates S2023

MA, Emancipatory K12 School Leadership

How to Apply

Are you an emerging K-12 school leader who wishes to improve educational opportunities for historically marginalized students through emancipatory leadership practices? This program will prepare you through deep engagement with research and practice through applied consulting on living case studies.

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Higher Ed Cert

Certificate, Higher Education Teaching

How to Apply

Our Higher Education Teaching certificate program provides graduate-level coursework and classroom experience to prepare current and future higher education instructors. This certificate program is aimed at developing postsecondary faculty’s culturally-sustaining and responsive pedagogical knowledge grounded in social justice, equity, and inclusion. 

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