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For more than one hundred and fifty years, the SJSU Lurie College of Education has been preparing some of the best, brightest, and most committed educators in the Bay Area and beyond. We prepare transformative educators, counselors, therapists, school and community leaders through teaching, research, and service grounded in emancipatory stance.

Our fundraising priorities create opportunities for our college and our donors to work together to advance this mission and bolster our college's impact with our students, alumni, and community partners.

Current Fundraising Priorities

Recent Fundraising Successes


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Current Fundraising Priorities

Lurie College Financial Hardship Grant

In 2020, Dean Lattimer established a hardship grant to help students with emergency financial need. Thanks to the generosity of other students, staff, faculty, and the community, Lurie College is able to provide this grant to support its students who have experienced an unforeseen financial hardship that will prevent them from continuing their enrollment at Lurie College and SJSU.  


Give to LCOE Hardship Fund

Establishing a Community Clinic in East San José to Provide Wellness Services

HD Clinic Schematic

Our SJSU Healthy Development (HD) Clinic is a unique interprofessional community clinic, promoting equity through wellness for children, youth, and families in the lowest income areas of Silicon Valley. Through a partnership with the East Side Union High School District, our clinic will be located at Oak Grove High School in and is anticipated to fully open in June 2022!

Leaders in their fields, our faculty have extensive experience working in and directing training clinics in their respective disciplines. SJSU faculty will provide live supervision and on-site consultation to advanced graduate students in education and health care-related fields as they work with clients to offer individualized services and specialized care.

This model provides a cost-effective approach to extending community-based services. SJSU’s Healthy Development Clinic is a pioneer in this work to help meet the holistic needs of children, youth, and families in the local communities. 

As we prepare of the full opening of our clinic, the space is in desperate need of renovation. Within the 10 clinical spaces, new furniture, top of the line equipment, and development of individualized curriculum is needed to meet the needs of clients. 

Giving Opportunities

  • Sponsor a Student Fellow
  • Sponsor a Faculty Fellow
  • Room Naming
    • Cover the costs of renovating and updating rooms and first year of operations. Designated rooms will be named after the donor(s) with a permanent plaque.
    • 8 individual therapy rooms 
    • 4 family therapy rooms 
    • 2 conference rooms
    • 1 director’s office
    • 1 reception area and family resource library
    • 1 large multipurpose workshop room
  • Clinic Director Endowed Chair | Exclusive Opportunity
    • Provide sustaining support through an endowment for a full-time faculty director for the clinic.
  • Clinic Naming | Exclusive Opportunity
    • Be a leading advocate for community-based mental health and interprofessional care.  Fund an endowment for the clinic and have the clinic named in your honor.

Expanding the Impact of Our Institute for Emancipatory Education

Institute for Emancipatory Education

Emancipatory education entails methods of teaching and learning that encourage the students to become aware of their individual reality by investigating their daily life. The results of their investigation will expectedly stimulate their questioning of “reality” and propose changes to the status quo.

Our SJSU Institute for Emancipatory Education (IEE) facilitates community-engaged research and advances emancipatory instruction that support the redesign of learning from preschool through post-secondary. As a result, IEE creates more equitable and inclusive educational systems that nurture the creativity and brilliance of all learners so that our diverse, democratic society can truly thrive.

Together, we will expose existing inequities and explore questions of what it means to tear down racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and homophobic structures and rebuild systems that center our BIPOC learners and communities who have historically been marginalized. 

Giving Opportunities

  • Sponsor a Student Fellow
  • Sponsor a Faculty Fellow
  • Sponsor a Distinguished Scholar in Residence
  • IEE Director Endowed Chair | Exclusive Opportunity
    • Provide sustaining support through an endowment for a full-time faculty director for the institute.
  • Institute Naming | Exclusive Opportunity 
    • Be a leading advocate for community-based Emancipatory Education. Fund an endowment for the institute and have it named in your honor.

Increasing Our Student Scholarships and Decreasing Student Debt

On average, students graduate from SJSU with $18,424 in debt. In addition, preschool teachers in San José - Santa Clara - Sunnyvale earn an annual salary of under $40,000 and the salary for public school teachers ranges from $65,000 to $85,000.

Our SJSU Lurie College scholarships decrease financial barriers and future debt for our students, which allows them to focus on their education and increases the liklihood that they can afford to remain in their profession after they graduate.

2021-2022 Lurie College Scholarship Summary

  • Number of students awarded: 104
  • Amount of scholarship funds awarded: $336,550
  • Median award amount: $1000; Average award amount: $3236

Giving Opportunities

  • Residency Impact Fellowship
    • For the academic year 2021-2022, thanks to previous donors and grants, we are able to offer a 100% matching grant for our Teacher Education and Special Education program
  • Provides immediate impact for one student. This would cover tuition, fees, books, and supplies for one year.
  • Supports one student to graduate debt-free, allowing them to fully commit to a career in Education and focus their post-graduation years on caring for children, families, and communities this year.
  • Endowed scholarship
  • Creates an endowed fund that provides annual scholarship support allowing a student to graduate debt-free.
  • Allows 50 students to graduate debt-free if paid out directly or creates 8 endowed scholarships now.

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Recent Fundraising Successes

Kay Armstead Center for Communicative Disorders Raises Over $5000

For fifty years, our Kay Armstead Center for Communicative Disorders (KACCD) non-profit community clinic has been serving the needs of individuals of all ages, demonstrating a wide variety of speech, language and hearing difficulties and differences.

As our clinic prepares to reopen in 2022, we were able to raise over $5000 in Fall 2021 to invest in updated materials, equipment, and resources, such as video otoscopy equipment and iPad pros equipped with therapy apps for our diagnostic evaluation clinic.

ChAD Lab Preschool Raises Over $10,000

Our Child Development Laboratory Preschool enhances the intellectual, emotional, and social development of young children through an environment that is rich in activities, safe in its physical design and implementation, and staffed by knowledgeable individuals who are respectful in their interactions with children.

As our preschool prepared to reopen in 2021, we were able to raise over $10,000 in Spring 2021 to invest in new play yard that both promotes inclusivity and enhances the quality of care and instruction offered to the Toddler Lab students.


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