We presently offer 4 or 5 graduate classes per semester. (Subject to enrollments and budget.) Graduate classes meet once a week for a 3 hour class period, beginning at 6:00 PM, Mondays through Thursdays during the regular semesters. Some undergraduate upper division classes will be offered in the evening as well, and a few during the summer session.

History Graduate Courses

Course Syllabi
200 Graduate Methodology, Research, and Writing  
205 Topics in History  
205 Topics in History (Advanced Curriculum Project)  
209 Colloquium in Ancient and Medieval Europe  
210a Advanced Colloquium in United States History, Pre-1780  
210b Advanced Colloquium in United States History, 1780–1900

210c Advanced Colloquium in United States History, Since 1900

211 Advanced Colloquium in Modern European History, Since 1900  
220a Advanced Colloquium in World History, Pre-1000 C.E.  
220b Advanced Colloquium in World History, 1000–1750  
220c Advanced Colloquium in World History, Since 1750  
230 Seminar in Ancient and Medieval Europe  
240 Seminar in Pre-20th-Century Europe

241 Seminar in Twentieth-Century Europe  
272 Seminar in American Diplomatic History  
274 Seminar in American Social and Intellectual History  
276 Seminar in Early American History  
280 Seminar in Recent American History  
283 Seminar in California and Western History  
288 Seminar in the History of Women in the United States  
298 Special Study

299 Master's Thesis

Open only to approved Master's candidates in history. Reserved for students under Plan A. Thesis prospectus must have been approved by the Graduate Committee prior to enrollment. Credit/No Credit grading. Three to six units.


Please note: Most courses may be taken again with a different instructor, or with the same instructor with different course content.