History Course Descriptions

HIST 001A: World History to 1500
HIST 001B: World History from 1500
HIST 010A: Western Civilization
HIST 010B: Western Civilization
HIST 015: Essentials of U.S. History
HIST 020A: History of the American People
HIST 020B: History of the American People
HIST 050: Historical Process: Understanding Historical Reasoning
HIST 099: History Fundamentals
HIST 100W: History Writers' Workshop
HIST 102: Historiography
HIST 103: History of the Modern Middle East
HIST 104: Advanced Topics in Ancient History
HIST 109A: History of China
HIST 109B: History of China
HIST 110A: History of Japan
HIST 110B: History of Japan
HIST 111: Special Topics in Jewish Studies
HIST 112: Ancient West to 500 BCE
HIST 113A: Economic History of the United States
HIST 113B: Economic History of Europe
HIST 114: The Ancient West, 500 BCE-400 CE
HIST 121A: Medieval Worlds, 400-1000
HIST 121B: Medieval Worlds, 1000-1500
HIST 122: The Renaissance and Reformation
HIST 124: Early Modern Europe
HIST 126: Advanced Topics in Medieval History
HIST 132: Advanced Topics in World History
HIST 143: Europe, 1750-1900
HIST 144: Europe, 1900-1945
HIST 145: Europe and the World Since 1945
HIST 146: Advanced Topics in European History
HIST 153: History of Women in Europe
HIST 155: 20th Century World
HIST 162: Colonial Latin America
HIST 163: Modern Latin America, 1800-Present
HIST 167: Advanced Topics in Latin American History
HIST 170: Topics in American History
HIST 170S: Topics in American History: American Identities and Institutions
HIST 173: New World Encounters, 1400-1750
HIST 174: Colonial & Revolutionary America
HIST 175: Inventing America, 1800-1860
HIST 176: The Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 177: Industrial America, 1877-1920
HIST 178: Crash, Depression and War, 1920-1950
HIST 179: Cold War America, 1950-Present
HIST 180: Individual Studies
HIST 181: Advanced Topics in American History
HIST 184: Directed Reading
HIST 185: LGBTQ+ History in the United States
HIST 188: History of Women in the United States
HIST 189A: California History to 1900
HIST 189B: California History Since 1900
HIST 197: Introduction to Public History
HIST 199: Public History Internship

Single-Subject Teacher Preparation

SOCS 137: California History for Teachers
SOCS 138: US History for Teachers
SOCS 139: World History for Teachers
SOCS 195: Social Science Teacher Preparation
SSED 378: Social Science Methods

Jewish Studies

JWSS 010A: Elementary Hebrew
JWSS 010B: Elementary Hebrew
JWSS 015A: Intermediate Hebrew
JWSS 015B: Intermediate Hebrew
JWSS 090: Bible History and Literature
JWSS 102A: Advanced Hebrew
JWSS 102B: Advanced Hebrew
JWSS 111: Special Topics in Jewish Studies
JWSS 126: Holocaust Literature
JWSS 144: Middle Eastern Politics
JWSS 180: Individual Studies