Peer Connections supports students in many different ways. Our programs and services are free to currently enrolled SJSU students, and all of our services are currently available online.

Mentoring:  Peer Mentors are guides to the university experience, and support your social and academic adjustment to life at SJSU. Peer Mentors can assist you with study skills, adjusting to life as a college student, getting connected on campus, finding campus resources, personal issues, and more.

Tutoring & Embedded Tutoring: The goal of Peer Connections’ tutoring program is to help SJSU students become independent learners. As independent learners, tutees will be more successful in their classes and in achieving their academic and personal goals.

Classic tutors offer appointments and/or drop-in tutoring for a wide variety of subjects as well as undergraduate and graduate student writing.
Embedded tutors are assigned to specific course section(s) and attend every class. Outside of class, they offer tutoring appointments for students in the course.

Supplemental Instruction: Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders facilitate study groups for specific challenging courses. These sessions encourage deeper understanding of the content and get students interacting with each other in a fun, collaborative way of learning. If your course has an SI Leader, you'll know the first day of class! 

Learning Assistants: Learning Assistants (LAs) are assigned to specific challenging courses. They facilitate in-class discussions and other group activities, helping students to reflect on each others' ideas and learn collaboratively. If your course has an LA, you'll know the first day of class!

Strengths Coaching & Workshops: Students can identify and learn how to develop their strengths through individual coaching sessions or by attending a variety of workshops focused on strengths.

Workshops:  Every semester, Peer Connections offers workshops on a wide variety of topics including time management, study skills, online learning, finals prep, and other related topics.