Resources for Virtual Classes

Start of Semester Checklist [pdf]

10 Questions to Ask [pdf]

Zoom Meeting Strategies [pdf]

Strategies for Remote Learning [pdf]

Productive Study Spaces [pdf]

Time Management Tools on Canvas [pdf]

Customizing Canvas [pdf]

Communicating Through Canvas [pdf]

Questions to Ask for Virtual Exams [pdf]

Emailing Your Professor [pdf]

Managing Your Email [pdf]

Remote Study Strategies [pdf]

Collaborative Learning Strategies [pdf]


Breakfast Club (Currently Closed)

Approximately 20% of SJSU students miss one meal a day. We're doing our best to fill that gap. Peer Connections offers delicious baked goods (including bagels, breads, muffins, and pastries) for students and staff in need.

The Breakfast Club operates during Spring and Fall semesters at Peer Connections' Student Services Center 600 location. Breakfast is served Monday-Friday, from 10:00 am-1:00 pm. 

The Breakfast Club is sponsored by Peer Connections, the Cesar Chavez Community Action Center, Spartan Eats, and the SJSU Student Hunger Committee. Thanks to Spartan Eats (Paseo Fresh) for providing food for the Breakfast Club!

Click here to view additional food resources for students.

Learning Commons (Currently Closed)

Our Learning Commons, located in SSC 600, is a quiet and comfortable place for all SJSU students to study. The Learning Commons features comfortable seating, tables, and a small lounge area. There are eight computers available as well as wireless internet access (via SJSU's wifi).

To use the Learning Commons, speak to the Welcome Desk Staff in SSC 600. We ask that all students sign in with us before using the Learning Commons and sign out when they leave.

Note that the Learning Commons shares space with our main tutoring and mentoring area. If you use the Learning Commons, you must be quiet and respectful of the tutoring and mentoring sessions in progress. You may bring in drinks in a closed container (i.e. cup with a lid, bottle, can, etc.) and a small snack (i.e. apple, candy bar/energy bar, etc. but no full meals) if you wish. In exchange, we ask that you clean up after yourself, throwing away all trash. We request that you do not eat or drink while using our computers.