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The Department of Physics and Astronomy prepares students to pursue rewarding careers in the technology and data sectors. We encourage our students to explore graduate work in physics, astronomy, engineering and other areas of physical sciences. Our small class sizes encourage close mentorship between our students and our world-class faculty.

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With two undergraduate majors, two minors and three graduate programs, there are many options for students looking to pursue careers in physics and astronomy.


The Physics and Astronomy department offers many research opportunities with our state-of-the-art laboratories for our students to utilize.

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PHYS 2A Series  PHYS 50 Series

Spin Transport in a Mott Insulator of Ultracold Fermions

Physics Professor Khatami Publishes their latest groundbreaking research in ‘Science’.

Total Lunar Eclipse, the Longest of This Century on NBC

Dr. Romanowsky discusses the July 2018 lunar eclipse and the line-up of Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in the evening sky.

Watch Video: Superstar Eta Carinae Shoots Cosmic Rays

Dr. Thomas Madura, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, is a co-author on a new study published in Nature Astronomy: NASA's NuSTAR Mission Proves Superstar Eta Carinae Shoots Cosmic Rays.

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Dr. Khatami is Featured in Physics Girl

Are machines better at quantum physics than humans? 

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