Astronomical photograph of the tarantula nebula.

Hot Off the Webb

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is operational and beaming down images! To help interpret, Physics and Astronomy Professor Thomas Madura sat down with the University Press Office, discussing overarching implications for both SJSU research and the broader community of scientists.

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News Highlights

Jiahao Jiang wins NSF GRFP Award


SJSU alumnus Jiahao Jiang (BS 2020) has won a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program award. 

Ken Wharton Discusses Retrocausality in Plain English


Prof. Ken Wharton has published a popular science article about the concept of retrocausality.

Not So Fast, Spooky Action!


Prof. Ken Wharton and his student Raylor Liu have a new paper out, published in Foundations of Physics, which informs the basis of quantum mechanics.

The Secret Life of Space Dust


Prof. Thomas Madura is among the co-authors of a manuscript published in Nature Astronomy revealing dust shells in a binary star system.

Alejandro Garcia Publishes a New Thermodynamics Book


Prof. Alejandro Garcia's new book Essentials of Modern Thermodynamics is published and available for purchase on Amazon.

James Webb Space Telescope's First Images


Prof. Thomas Madura discusses the significance of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, and its newly released photos, with the SJSU NewsCenter staff.