BA in Sociology, No Concentration

The BA in Sociology, offered by the Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, educates students about social processes that create, maintain, and transform social institutions and social identities. Sociology provides a framework for understanding social behavior in groups, social change and inequality in society, and solutions to social problems. Analytical and research skills speak to the needs of a changing world. The degree offers students the widest flexibility in terms of future career choices.

All students should regularly consult an advisor in the major. Sociology advisors have drop-in advising hours. For a schedule of advising hours, see Advising.

Requirements of the Major (39 units)

To view a list of courses required for a BA in Sociology, plus course descriptions, please go to the current SJSU Catalog.


Transfer Credit & Articulation


  • See the SJSU Catalog for complete degree information on the BA in Sociology. Requirements of the major are only part of the requirements for graduation, as briefly summarized here:
Requirement Units
University Graduation Requirements

44 units

Major Requirements

39 units

University Electives

37 units


120 units

  • A minor in another department is strongly recommended: Students may elect to minor in one of the 4 Ethnic Studies areas: African American Studies, Asian American Studies,Chicana and Chicano Studies, or Native American Studies (now housed in our department; minor information coming soon). Please see an advisor in those departments and programs for minor advising and double counting of major and minor courses.”

Some classes “double count” in GE or SJSU Studies as well as in the Sociology major. However, the units for the class only count once. You should keep track of the cumulative number of units you have earned. Check your transcript on MYSJSU.