SOCI 181B Capstone

SOCI 181B is the Sociology Career Capstone course, intended to expand undergraduate senior opportunities and options as well as analyze trends in sociology. Students will explore employment and careers and reflect and assess learning in the major.

In order to enroll in SOCI 181B: Capstone in Spring 2024:

If the prerequisites have been met, and your enrollment appointment has started, you may enroll in SOCI 181B. Please be advised MySJSU will not allow you to register if the prerequisites have not been completed. We encourage you to verify completion of the prerequisites prior to enrolling. The department will double verify eligibility and will notify students if they are not eligible to take the course. If you have completed the prerequisites, and verified completion, and are still unable to register, please contact the department office at

  • For students requesting a permission number to enroll in SOCI 181B section 81, please complete the Google form below:

Spring 2024: Permission Number Request for SOCI 181B Section 81

Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!