Tevera is our Internship tracking database system. Students and Field Instructors use Tevera to complete their internship confirmation, learning agreement, and other important documents. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Tevera For Current Students

Read answers to commonly asked questions about Tevera in the FAQ document.

Helpful Tevera Tools:

Use these helpful tools before reaching out to the Field Education Office or your FFL. Please follow through each step carefully in Tevera. 

Watch Videos on how to use Tevera 

  • Tevera's Site Placement Process (Video Walkthrough)
  • Learning Space
    • Log into your Tevera account
    • Click on “Learning Space"
  • Watch all the videos on how to use Tevera.
    • Getting Started - Understand how Tevera works
    • Time sheets  - The Basics of Recording Time
    • Assignments - The Basics of Assignments
    • Site Placement - The Basics of Site Placement

General Overview - Site Placement Process in Tevera (4 Sections)

Each section must be completed in chronological order

  1. Section 1: Pre - application tasks
    • Due date: 3/1 (BASW students due by 4/1)
      1. Complete the “Field Application” Form
        1. Students accept their internship offer
  2. Section 2: Select Field Agency
    • Due date: As soon as the Student has accepted an internship offer. Can not be completed until “Section 1” has been completed
      1. Complete the Internship “Confirmation Form”
        1. Once the student signs the Confirmation Form, then the agency’s internship coordinator or field instructor must sign to confirm the placement. The student should contact the agency who made them the offer to ask who should be listed. 
  3. Section 3: Select Supervisor
    • Due date: 9/1
      1. Confirm the Field Instructor (FI) by completing the “Confirm your Supervision Dates” form
        1. This may take weeks to a few months for this to be completed, depending on how soon an agency can confirm who the FI will be.
        2. The student starts this document then it is routed to the FI. If the FI has not worked with SJSU yet, they will need to complete the new FI profile form and upload their resume to Tevera. This needs to be completed with the correct FI by 9/1/23. 
  4. Final Step: Approval from the Field Education Office
    1. A Field Placement Reviewer from the Field Education Office will review your complete packet of forms and sign off on when they are all completed.

Students may begin onboarding (background checks,trainings, etc.) with their internship agency on August 1st, 2023 as long as they are registered in their field seminar course (ScWk 140, 230, or 232) AND have signed the COVID liability waiver that will be/has been sent to you via DocuSign. 

Students may not begin working with clients until the first week of September (after Labor Day), based on the Field Practicum Calendar. Please follow these instructions carefully as they pertain to risk management and insurance.