Potential Field Practicum Agency Partnerships

Selection of Agencies

In determining the suitability of an agency for field placement, the San Jose State University, School of Social Work assesses not only the immediate interest but also the long term commitment of the Agency administration. During preliminary discussions with the Agency, the following areas are considered: auspices; size of social work staff; ratio of trained to untrained workers; extent of community involvement; standards of practice; agencies’ mission and values; availability of qualified staff for field instruction; facilities for students (space, recording facilities, etc.); and the willingness of the Agency to permit the Field Instructor sufficient time for student instruction. These criteria are reviewed with the Agency periodically to assure that they continue to apply.

Explore Becoming an Agency Partner

If an agency is interested in exploring partnering with the School of Social Work to become a practicum site, please read the Recruitment Letter

If the agency can meet the criteria based on the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)’s mandates, the agency may reach back out to us in September 2023 to begin the process of formalizing the partnership.

Email us at (socialworkfieldeducation@sjsu.edu) for questions.