Goal 1: Engage and Educate

College of Health and Human Sciences

Attract unique and exceptional students, faculty, and staff to actively engage in a teaching, learning, and research environment supporting their interests as creators, innovators, change agents, and champions of the social good in a diverse and changing world.

Desired Outcome 1

Expand curricular and co-curricular learning experiences that afford students the opportunity to translate learning in the classroom to the challenges they will face in their first career or their next level of education. Our approach maps the skills students also need to continually adapt to a world in which the career of today may not be the career of tomorrow.


Desired Outcome 2

Prepare our students to be change agents and leaders in an ever-evolving world by offering experiential learning, leadership development, and career development services, and strong, ever-evolving curricula within and across disciplines.


Desired Outcome 3

Dismantle operational barriers that inhibit student success.


Desired Outcome 4

Hone next-century “soft” / “power” skill sets in leadership, communication, empathy and other interdisciplinary competencies that employers seek when recruiting the future workforce and that are needed to ensure community and civic health—e.g., knowledge of AI systems, machine learning, quantitative and qualitative analytic skills, creativity.


Desired Outcome 5

Engage our students to thrive in campus life activities, through participation in student organizations, attendance at campus events including intercollegiate athletics, and participation in university activities that support academic, social, wellbeing, and career goals.


Desired Outcome 6

Enhance students’ ability to work in a technologically-enabled world of artificial intelligence, robotics, and human-computer interactions through a deeper engagement with these topics in their overall educational journey at SJSU.


Desired Outcome 7

Build partnerships that support an educational environment that holistically fosters academic achievement, personal well-being, and career readiness.


Desired Outcome 8

Develop students’ sense of self-understanding and learned skills to monitor and manage their wellbeing and personal health.