Goal 1: Engage and Educate

Be a university of first choice where we bring together exceptional people—students, faculty and staff members, and our community—to do extraordinary things with their lives as learners, creators and champions.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Desired Outcomes

Desired Outcome 1: Expand experiential learning opportunities for all SJSU students to sharpen requisite skill sets needed when entering the workforce through study abroad programs, curricular and co-curricular based internships, service-learning projects, or research, scholarship and creative activity (RSCA) projects.

Desired Outcome 2: Prepare our students to be change agents and leaders in an ever-evolving world by offering enhanced integrated academic advising and career development services, and strong, ever-evolving curricula within and across disciplines.

Desired Outcome 3: Hone next century skill sets in leadership, communication, empathy and other interdisciplinary competencies that employers seek when recruiting the future workforce—and that are needed to ensure community and civic health.

Desired Outcome 4: Engage our students to thrive in campus life activities through participation in student organizations, attendance at campus events, and participation in university activities that support academic, social and career goals.