Goal 5: Rebuild and Renew

SJSU Student Union

Be a flourishing, downtown campus with modern infrastructure, campus spaces,  technology and effective process infrastructure to support a growing university community.

Desired Outcome 1

Ensure long-term financial sustainability, effectiveness, and accountability. 


Desired Outcome 2

Allocate resources linked to strategic priorities and fiscal needs to safeguard long-term financial stability and ensure support for achieving our collective aspirations.


Desired Outcome 3

Position SJSU as an innovative leader in energy and environmental sustainability.


Desired Outcome 4

Evaluate thought leadership and oversight across San Jose State University by enhancing and optimizing cost-efficiency through the utilization of technology.


Desired Outcome 5

Enhance and maintain a robust IT infrastructure to drive a connected student experience by creating a holistic, cohesive, and streamlined environment for students.


Desired Outcome 6

Foster campus safety for student success by continuing a layered and multifaceted physical and cybersecurity strategy approach to safeguarding the data our students, faculty, and researchers are creating and managing.


Desired Outcome 7

Build inspiring, environmentally-sustainable facilities where modern teaching, research, and laboratory spaces facilitate interdisciplinary projects, connect faculty and students across disciplines, and foster industry partnerships and solutions.


Desired Outcome 8

Implement a campus capital planning process that addresses the needs of the overall portfolio and responds to the priorities and funding strategies set by campus leadership.