Goal 3: Grow and Thrive

Faculty Awards

Be an inclusive, welcoming, and caring  university community that attracts, retains and sustains faculty, staff members, and students.

Desired Outcome 1

Support the ability of all stakeholders (student employees, faculty and staff members, alumni and community) to live and thrive in the region by expanding hybrid work and learning options and accessibility to transportation and housing.


Desired Outcome 2

Foster an equitable and inclusive environment and campus infrastructure where diverse populations can flourish and have a sense of belonging and well-being. Equity and inclusion are reflected in the structures of the institution, where our community can gain critical skills to become engaged citizens in the global context.


Desired Outcome 3

Ensure a safe and healthy university community through proactive educational programs to deepen understanding and awareness of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, and Title IX.


Desired Outcome 4

Offer professional development that allows staff and faculty members to develop and pursue career growth, while fostering leadership skills across the university.